Polartropica – Wild Lyfe 
Polartropica - Wild Lyfe

Release Date: Out Now

Mixing the musical influences of her native Taiwan with the chill of her adopted California, Polartropica (aka Ihui Cherise Wu) creates something truly unique and captivating. New single ‘Wyld Life’ swoons and sways like tall grass in a warm breeze while Polartropica’s voice could soothe even the most savage of beasts as it calls to you from the space that exists between the waking world and the land of dreams where you think your dressing gown is a sloth and your bones turn to jelly. If somebody is making a lo-fi, arthouse film that needs a song for the opening credits that will catch the attention, cleanse the soul and lift the spirits then this is the tune for you. Apart from you Shia LaBeouf, you don’t deserve this beauty.

Live Dates:

21st January – Echoplex, Los Angeles

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