Phé – Crisis EP 
Phé - Crisis EP

Release Date: Out Now

Los Angeles based Phé is pushing her luck with an eight track EP but three of the songs on this debut collection are technically interludes, so I’ll allow it. The ‘Crisis’ EP opens with a track called ‘Incredible’ which starts with a smooth, late night vibe before we are introduced to Phé’s gorgeous voice which is like warm caramel being poured on velvet. The first of the interludes is ‘Catch Me’ which oozes and woozes while inaudible whispers and mutterings seep in to your consciousness. Up next is ‘Home’ which breezes in through a wind chime and then we’re treated to such a wonderfully comforting and loving song that you can’t help but come to the realisation that there is an authenticity to this music that comes straight from the heart and that counts for a lot.

Phé is a genuinely talented vocalist but rather than go for big body blows, the EP shows a musician going her own way without pandering to commercial expectations. ‘Feel You’ is the perfect example of this singular conviction to produce music that is classy, sexy, stylish and full of soul without ignoring the melodies and a solid beat. ‘FU’ is the next interlude which links us, audibly, to the EP title track ‘Crisis’, a haunting and heartbroken tune that crackles in to life from beyond the airwaves. Phé drags the song in to life singing “I only crave you in the dark” with the genuine desperation of a moth attracted to a flame that is destined to burn its fingers.

‘Dunno What to Say Here’ is the third and final interlude which works as a jammed two-minute R’n’B melody before EP closer ‘About Us’ kicks in. The final offering of this collection is a sweet and soft song with a West-Coast meets Sade vibe going on that seduces and cuts you down with the switch between verse and chorus. There is no doubt that Phé has the vocal talent and songs to stand proud alongside her R’n’B contemporaries, but I don’t think she’s too concerned with measuring herself against others. This is just about creating the music that comes from her soul and giving it a high gloss finish without diminishing the honesty.

Live Dates:

20th February – Breaking Sound, Los Angeles