L’Freaq – Weird Awakenings EP (Sony USA)

L'Freaq - Weird Awakenings EP

Release Date: Out Now

Lea Cappelli is the one-woman whirlwind behind L’Freaq and her new EP, ‘Weird Awakenings’, is a trip, to say the least. The party gets underway with the sensual midnight entrance of ‘I’ve Become A Thief’ which sounds like PJ Harvey singing the theme for a Tarantino directed Bond movie. Title track ‘Weird Awakenings’ is a more subdued number with a dubby, thumped beat and dreamy melodies giving L’Freaq the chance to show off her more soulful vocal abilities. ‘Moonlight’ combines the genres of the first two tracks to create something utterly entrancing and fresh that wouldn’t be out of place on a Janelle Monae number and when the guitar rips in you know you’re getting something genuine as well as something genuinely exciting.

On ‘New Skin’ there’s a dark and brooding tone that blends flourishes of piano, driving beats and a 
Paloma Faith-esque sense of the dramatic to create a vibe that is cinematic and divine in equal measure. Now, the order of the tracks on Spotify doesn’t match the official track listing but I’ve only just noticed and I can’t bring myself to rewrite all of this but, whatever, it still works whatever the order. In Spotify world, the closing track is ‘FLESHYGREY’ which is the pick of the bunch, blending elements of Kelis, Goldfrapp, LadyHawke and Grimes to make a funky, zippy little number that will sound just as good in the club as it will in the car on the way to the club. L’Freaq is one of my favourite finds of the last few months and the Brooklyn/LA based artist is only just beginning. Time to get involved, people.

Live Dates:

2nd February – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, New York