Cherryade – Shout Loud 
Cherryade - Shout Loud

Release Date: 25th January 2019

London fault-pop duo Cherryade are back with a new track, which is great, but something’s changed. ‘Shout Loud’ is still infectious, brassy and sassy which is what we’ve come to love and expect from Alex and Ella but behind the sugary pop coating there is something new. Cherryade have moved on from the surface fun of Shampoo and taken in some of the more rounded sound of the Ting Tings but with more vibrancy and relevancy. Lyrics like “I hope you cry, hope you cry at my funeral. Watch me die, watch me die, yeah you’ve got it all” are still dripping in attitude but now there is more confidence behind the delivery. Essentially, this is the musical equivalent of that scene in the Rom Com where the dowdy best friend turns up at the party with her hair down, glasses off and tits up to her chin to win the guy – only to realise she is better than him anyway and cop off with the well hung computer nerd that nobody looked twice at. And that’s hard to get in to a pop song so, y’know, props.