Change the Letter – Whatever Will Be (Believe)
Change the Letter - Whatever Will Be (Believe)

Release Date: Out Now

Time for a cheeky little demo from a newly formed Westcountry duo consisting of two Robs, would you believe it!? Change the Letter are made up of Rob Griffiths on guitar and vocals and Rob Phillimore on vocals and guitar – when combined, they create tunes like debut offering ‘Whatever Will Be (Believe)’. The track takes no time in getting down to business with a sunny Californian shuffle and a sense of freedom about the guitar lines bouncing along on top of the steady beat. The vocals are a little low in the mix for my liking, but this shows the promise of fusing something approaching the baggy sound with 60s West Coast guitar-pop and that is an interesting prospect to say the least. Could this be the birth of the Kernowfornia sound?