Astraea – Anybody Out There 
Astraea - Anybody Out There

Release Date: Out Now

London based artist Astraea has quietly been making an assault on the music world with her hauntingly beautiful vocals and calming music. Astraea’s latest offering is ‘Anybody Out There’ which deals with the loneliness of homelessness using a simple piano line swollen by some beats and atmospheric melodies. “Isn’t anybody out there for me? Isn’t anybody waiting like me? Someone I can hold, I can home to” she sings with real emotion and passion and if you’ve still got dry eyes at the end of this song and video combination then you’ve got a harder heart then I have. Beautiful, stirring and timely stuff as the winter cold draws in, reminding those of us with homes how lucky we are.

Live Dates:

21st March – St James’ Church, London

Watch the Video: