Angie – IDGAF 
Angie - IDGAF

Release Date: Out Now

When the world starts turning to shit (when does it stop?) you know you need to turn to those that are willing to push boundaries, speak the truth and talk without inhibitions. Swedish provocateur Angie is one such voice and she’s back with new single ‘IDGAF’ (if I need to explain that acronym to you then you’re probably not the right audience for this track). Starting with the long-lost sound of dial-up internet followed by a menacing acoustic riff and Angie’s tripped out vocal, there is also is a Unabombe-esque guest vocal before the repeated chorus of “I don’t give a fuck”. By the end of ‘IDGAF’, the sinister undertones have been turned up to 11 and Angie’s unblinking, semi-psychotic vocal delivery has reached serial killer levels which will either terrify you or give you the horn. Or both.

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