Talitha Rise – Incantation (Sonic Bond/Coven
Talitha Rise - Incantation
Tree Records)

Release Date: Out Now

If you haven’t discovered Talitha Rise then you’re in luck. The singer-songwriter has provided you with a handy reminder of her talents (and her recently released debut album) in new single ‘Incantation’ and it is perfectly timed in every way. The sparse piano notes and atmospheric strings create an unmistakably wintry scene and, if you stay very still, you can just see a family of deer in the next clearing. Talitha Rise has a remarkable talent for conjuring up scenes with her music and words which works particularly well at this time of year when magic is in the air, reflected in the ice and caught on the cool breeze as you pop your collar against the chill.

Live Dates:

6th October 2019– Summer’s End Festival, Chepstow