Lydian Collective – High 555 
Lydian Collective - High 555

Release Date: Out Now

So, confession time. Unconscious bias has been in the press a lot recently but this wasn’t event that, this was fully unconscious bias. I saw that London quartet Lydian Collective had recorded a video of them playing their instrumental song in a rehearsal room and described their music with words like ‘jazz’, ‘fusion’ and ‘jazztronica’ and I just deleted the email, end of. Don’t judge me, I get sent a lot of music and I have to make some pretty quick decisions. Luckily for me, their PR guy Terry sent the email again and, this time I didn’t read the blurb or watch the video, I just heard the tune and it blew. Me. Away. ‘High 555’ is a five minute and fifty-five second (see what they’ve done there) jam that mixes Chic, Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, 70s cop show music and four musicians with a scary amount of ability to make the kind of track that burrows its way in to your consciousness to eat away at your bias. Perfect for an 80s movie montage, a computer game menu page or the funkiest damn hold music you’ll ever be stuck listening to for 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon. It’s also perfect music to dance to so my advice is re-write the biog, get someone to animate you a cool video and keep making awesome tunes. And sorry for deleting you the first time guys, honest mistake…

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