Lenn – Riding Shotgun 
Lenn - Riding Shotgun

Release Date: Out Now

Just when you think the market is saturated with female vocalists doing well produced, classy pop you come across another superb voice emerging on to the scene. Lenn is that new talent coming out of the Bristol scene with the kind of polished and accomplished vocals that you’d expect from Fleur East, Jess Glyne or Ella Eyre. Lenn’s new single, ‘Riding Shotgun’, has a pleasingly 80s synth melody to it and a pulsing rhythm section that is perfect for shaking your ribs in the club. In fact, my only issue with this track is the lyric “Riding shotgun, got my feet on the dashboard” – there’s a video on that there internet of someone breaking their ankles during a minor prang because of the effect of the airbags. It’s not safe Lenn, pack it in.