King Creature – To the Bone (Marshall
King Creature - To the Bone

Release Date: Out Now

Cornish rockers King Creature have just finished a UK tour with Therapy? and are dropping this acoustic EP (8 tracks though, pushing it) as a final gift before Christmas. Recent single ‘World of Sin’ gets things going with its acoustic groove combining perfectly with the band’s slick harmonies and menacing tones. ‘Down in Flames’ has all the hallmarks of a Wild West dual soundtrack to begin with but when that strummed chug kicks in you realise that it’s a Harley you’re riding out of town, not a horse.

On ‘King for a Day’ the band slide in to groove rock territory again, embracing Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Lad Classic as they channel the rich tones of the acoustic chords, furious picking and those layered vocals that are fast becoming a trademark. ‘Money’ straps on the funk riffage and would work particularly at a beachside festival as the firelight brightens against the encroaching dusk and the party starts to get in to full swing. Following up next is ‘Lowlife’, another low-slung cowboy of a song while ‘Dead Inside’ has a brighter, more summery vibe to it which is perfect for sunny days spent beaming around country roads.

The last two tracks of this collection start with ‘Can You Forgive Me?’ and it’s a Bon Jovi-esque ballad with gravelly vocals and a sprinkling of percussion. ‘Drinker’ is the final number with a slightly folkish twist which reminds you that these guys are from the depths of Cornwall and not the West Coast US. King Creature have had a great year, creating a solid base for 2019 where they look set to build and, well, who knows? Whatever happens, I’m down for the ride.

Live Dates:

1st February – Old Bakery Studios, Truro w/Hypophora + Dead River Kings