Eloïse – Girls Like Me 
Eloïse - Girls Like Me

Release Date: Out Now

There’s a cynicism and a knowing, wry smile to Eloïse’s music that you might expect from someone like Courtney Love or Christina and the Queens but the 19 year old London based artist has no right to be this good and this full of knowledge at her age. Nevertheless, she does and we can either resist or marvel at it and judging by ‘Girls Like Me’ I’m going for the latter option. The teen’s new single comes off the back of the #MeToo movement and you can hear her jibing rejected, sweaty businessmen with every lyric of the new single. With all the pop nous of Charlie XCX and acerbic wit of Lily Allen, Eloïse delivers lines likes “that’s what I get for dancing with a silhouette, that’s what I get, a night of tears and cigarettes”. When you watch the video, it will comes as no surprise that pop power-duo Cherryade had a hand in this but the attitude, style and anti-pop is all about Eloïse and next year might just be hers for the taking.

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