Astraea – Anybody Out There? 
Astraea - Anybody Out There? 

Release Date: Out Now

You can’t really go wrong when you build from a solid base of influences like Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Florence + the Machine, Sia and Birdy. London artist Astraea might sound familiar due to her work on Lloyds bank adverts (covers of ‘Mad World’ and ‘You’re Not Alone) but this is her own song and, ‘Anybody Out There?’ and it is gorgeous. Soft, crisp piano notes are woven together by Astraea’s lace-like voice that achieves power through desperation as she sings “Isn’t anybody out there for me? Isn’t anybody waiting like me?”. It’s a sentiment I know I’ve felt at this time of year so look around at the Christmas party this year and just check there isn’t someone slumped in a corner staring at the bottom of a bottle, eh?

Live Dates:

21st March – St James’ Church, London

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