Youth Man – Valley Girl (Alcopop! Records) 
Youth Man - Valley Girl

Release Date: Out Now

Drummer Marcus Perks of Brummie duo Youth Man describes this single as sounding like the Knack and being about “Geordie Shore culture” where people hang about in “dingy clubs that smell of egg farts and Joop”. How can you resist a description like that?  Well, ‘Valley Girl’ lives up to its own hype with riotous stabbing guitars, bubblegum melodies and drums that care not for subtlety – and that’s just the beginning. This track builds and builds to a frenzied crescendo with flecks of Placebo, Rachel Stamp and early Manics coursing through the veins of this one. Youth Man are one of those bands that will either climb to great heights, a la Slaves, in 2019 or burn out too quickly but be fondly remembered. Either way they’re on to a winner.

Live Dates:

8th December – Centrala, Birmingham w/Hey Colossus

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