William the Conqueror – The Curse of Friends
William the Conqueror - The Curse of Friends

Release Date: Out Now

The beautiful William the Conqueror are back with a new album in the new year and, ahead of that, there’s this teasing track, ‘The Curse of Friends’. The Cornish trio build the momentum gradually, almost organically on this track like the sun coming up and breathing energy in to the world around us. The shuffling beat, steady acoustic strum and super-chilled vocals are given a sense of urgency by some superb lead guitar licks straight out of the Americana playbook. This is the natural progression of folk, fusing the old and the new in to something fresh, full of life and essential with the kind of authenticity you hear from the likes of Brother & Bones, Wille & the Bandits or Ben Harper. “Once more with feeling” they sing with gorgeous harmonies and, well, it would be rude to not skip back and give this one more spin…..again.

Live Dates: 

23rd November – Star Inn, Guildford
24th November – Westgate Chapel, Lewes
25th November – Oporto, Leeds
27th November – Surf Café, Tynemouth
28th November – Greystones, Sheffield
29th November – Canteen, Bristol
30th November – The Old Bakery, Truro