Pristine Babe – Lolita (Axis Mundi Records) 
Pristine Babe - Lolita

Release Date: Out Now

Bloody immigrants, coming over here and bringing perfectly formed 80s kitsch pop with them. Italian duo Pristine Babe are releasing ‘Lolita’ from their adopted London base and it is nothing but delightful. From the word go this is dripping in faded 80s glory the likes of which I haven’t seen since the last reruns of Only Fools and Horses that I caught during a bad hangover and a Dave marathon. Bouncing synths, basic beats, singing echoed vocals in to a sex toy, smoking in the video and a wonderful array of fashions. Throw in an easily learnable dance move and the kind of chorus that you’d expect to hear wafting out of a carpeted pub on a cloud of Benson and Hedges smoke and, well, like I said, it’s delightful. Let’s hope we get to keep Pristine Babe post-Brexit.

Live Dates:

5th December – Five Bells, New Cross w/Vanity Fairy + Cosydrive + Deep Tan

Watch the Video: