Peyton List – Liar Liar 
Peyton List - Liar Liar

Release Date: Out Now

The road from Disney funded child TV star to pop star is a well-travelled one (just ask Britney, Justin and Christina) but the latest vehicle on that particular highway is making that journey in the social media age. Peyton List has starred in two TV series already and amassed millions of followers, so this is a nailed commercial success but is her new single ‘Liar Liar’ actually any good? Well, the melody is a bouncy, electro-pop affair with plenty of squeaky-clean energy and fluttering eyelashes – so far, so early Britney. Then List starts singing and we’re in the middle of a Taylor Swift, Pink, Madison Beer and DYLYN Venn diagram with Angie looking on from the production booth, pushing up the edge lever. “Liar, liar, you’re a fucking liar, didn’t wanna come to your party anyway” she sings, and you get the sense of that classic rebellion moment in a musical career before she can find her own true voice. Interesting, very interesting.