Miranda Arieh – The End 
Miranda Arieh - The End

Release Date: Out Now

Leeds artist (and I mean artist in every sense) Miranda Arieh is back with new single ‘The End’ and not only is it a great tune, the visuals are stunning as well. Arieh has a performance style to her vocals that eeks out every emotion from each syllable so the instrumentation is less vital which leads to a sparse set of piano chords, a gentle bass line and groove beat being all that is required. Visually, the video is somewhere between the Might Boosh and Dr Who which fits the mood perfectly and the Florence Welch meet Tori Amos meets Imogen Heap blend is just sublime. Enjoy.

Live Dates:

30th November – The Seagull, Lowestoft
15th February – Otley Courthouse, Otley

Watch the Video: