Junky Love – Post-Gentrification Blues
Junky Love - Post-Gentrification Blues

Release Date: Out Now

Not many bands would be brave enough to open a single with the line “this is an organisational myopia for the Instagram generation” but then not many bands are Junky Love. The psyche-doom quartet spout their social commentary atop laconic guitars and drunken drums like a poet ranting in the corner of a daybreak bar after an Absinthe binge. During the chorus, a Libertines meets Leonard Cohen melody breaks out before the repeated refrain of “You’re already dead” is driven home like the political slogan of a desperate government. Sparse, bleak and certainly not party music but all the more delicious and sumptuous for it. All six minutes of this taste divine like a twelve-course tasting menu and I would urge you tuck in before it gets cold.