Gold Baby – Maggots 
Gold Baby - Maggots

Release Date: 5th December 2018

Every song has a mood, an emotion that hits you from first note to last and usually these fit in to a handful of categories – love, hate, lust, frustration etc. However, London quartet Gold Baby’s new single ‘Maggots’ strikes me as a three and half minute audio painting of pure relief. From the breezy guitars and jaunty drums that open proceedings to the breathy vocals of Sian Alex, this track feels like letting go of a huge weight and it’s a welcome sensation. Lyrically, the superbly delivered line “You’re 16, 40, 55, 80 all at the same time and now you’re covered in maggots” suggests this might be a song saying goodbye to someone who’s had, as they say, a good innings but I try not to second guess meanings in songs – just the emotions.

Live Dates:

5th December – The Waiting Room, London