All Tvvins – Infinite Swim (Faction Records)
All Tvvins - Infinite Swim

Release Date: Out Now

When the press blurb says to expect a mix of Talking Heads and Prince its like turning up at your favourite record shop and finding out that everything is half price, you’ve just got to get involved. All Tvvins (that’s two ‘v’s, for some reason) are Dublin gents Conor and Lar but it’s their new single, ‘Infinite Swim’, that is the real star of the show. The funky disco synths and steady beat get things going like Daft Punk and Transformer having a Friday night studio jam before hitting the club. The vocals are understated and ice-cold while the bass line bobs and weaves like an 80s boxer during a sweaty movie montage. The retro vibes are strong with this tune but it also feels achingly contemporary which is no easy trick to pull off but, frankly, who cares when the music sounds this good.

Live Dates:

16th November – The Atlantic Bar, Portrush