Ned Dylan – Life’s A Rave 
Ned Dylan - Life's A Rave

Release Date: Out Now

Well here’s an interesting prospect. Ned Dylan is just 17 but already producing original material, interviewing legends as a journalist and looking better than I ever did in my teenage years. The Northampton based prodigy is now releasing his debut single, ‘Life’s A Rave, from his forthcoming debut album and it’s got a whole host of top producers behind it. Musically, this is an intriguing blend of Muse inspired pianos, Linkin Park beats and the honest vocals of Dylan singing with a certain breathlessness. My only beef with this track, and this is a minor beef consider he’s only 17, is the slightly naïve lyricism and songwriting. “We nearly had a conversation last night but your phone interrupted, these days I feel so courrupted. Feels like the media’s even in my bedroom” he sings and I get the sentiment (and lord knows it’s good to hear a teenager rile against social media) but it just feels a little worthy and laboured. That said, the lyrics I wrote at the age of 17 would make me cringe now which is why they’re locked in a box in my attic, not on the internet. Certainly one to keep track of though.

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