Koto Kill – War Zone feat. B3NDU 
Koto Kill - War Zone

Release Date: Out Now

So, Koto Kill is the one-man-show project of Gabriel Ralls and it is an intense project. The DJ/Prodcuer has managed to fuse the abrasive nature of punk with the driving beats of dance music on new single ‘War Zone’ and it feels electric. Guest vocalist B3NDU adds her acerbic tones to a tune that takes no prisoners from the searing guitars and pounding drums through to erratic static and a bassline that doesn’t stop rolling. For fans of ‘Fat of the Land’ era Prodigy, Massive Attack collaborating with the Clash, Chemical Brothers at their peak or, one of my current favourites, Black Futures. There’s a strangely soulful breakdown about a third of the way through but this only acts as the eye of the storm before the frenetic nature of song resumes until the end. It’s a ride and one that you will want to take again as soon as its over.