Darrin Jones – Mobile Phone/4me 
Darrin Jones - Mobile Phone/4me

Release Date: Out Now

“My music is that of a psychedelic, new wave sound that people of all ages and audiences can relate to”, or so says Georgia artist Darrin Jones. There’s normally only one way to work out if this kind of claim is true but Mr Jones has sent us two in the form of these new tracks. First up, ‘Mobile Phone’ is an intense, breathless slice of chilled out hip-hop with a circular synth melody weaving together the skittish, angular beats. The second track of the two, ‘4me’, is the more impressive two with a head bobbing in the convertible flow as you cruise the strip looking for right vibe at the right venue. Jones’ flow is smooth, and the production is diamond sharp and crystal clear. Or should that be Cristal clear?

More information: https://www.facebook.com/jonesdarrin/