Fröst – Black Mountain (Lost Room Records) 
Fröst - Black Mountain

Release Date: Out Now

Oh good, it’s new favourite tune time. Most things I review get a good two or three listens but every now and again something comes along that stays on a loop for at least an hour. The track in question is new single ‘Black Mountain’ from enigmatic Brighton duo Fröst and it’s an absolutely heavenly tease of a song. A softly galloping rhythm beats away at the heart of this with dark, sticky melodies rippling over the top like treacle being pumped over a water wheel with mesmerising effect. To top of this experience, a breathy vocal joins in to seduce you further as Johanna Bramli occupies that space between Goldfrapp, Florence + the Machine and St Etienne. The biggest element of this tease, however, is that throughout this track you find yourself enjoying the build and the tension but the release never comes. The big, sticky water wheel keeps on turning, relentlessly and you want to just sit there all day watching it while Bramli whispers in your ear like the voices from the woodland. Bliss is not too strong a word here, despite the lack of, well, release – for want of a better word.

Live Dates:

2nd October – Sebright Arms, London
3rd October – Prince Albert, Brighton
6th October – Dials Festival, Portsmouth
13th October – Shake the High Road Festival, London