Fiona Harte – White Picket Fence 
Fiona Harte - White Picket Fence

Release Date: Out Now

There is a melancholy sweetness to Fiona Harte’s voice that stops you in your tracks and arrests the senses. Once she has your full attention on new single ‘White Picket Fence’ you’ll be hit with the follow up punch of the gentle soul of her vocal tones and you’ll be well on your way to fall in love. This track is simple enough in its gently picked acoustic glory but the emotion in the song writing and quality of delivery makes this an altogether more powerful prospect. And then, when you understand that Harte has moved from her native County Tyrone in Northern Ireland to chance her arm in New York you can place that melancholia as a touch of homesickness mixed in with the general vibe of New York which is all about new beginnings and the fear mixed with hope that you get when you leave one life behind for the promise of a new one.

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