Alexandra Streliski – Changing Winds (Secret
Alexandra Streliski - Changing Winds
City Records)

Release Date: Out Now

If, like me, you’ve had one of ‘those’ days then you might feel the need to unwind and I have the perfect soundtrack for you. ‘Changing Winds’ comes courtesy of Montreal’s Alexandra Streliski to soothe your frantic mind and tired soul. The gentle piano melody speaks of the early hours of morning as light creeps in around the edges of your consciousness and you drift fluidly between the real world and that of dreams. Streliski has a deft and sublime touch that teases the melody out of the keys with the kind of approach you might use when you don’t want to startle a beautiful fox pausing under a streetlight to show of the full colour of his coat. Comparisons will be made to the likes of Ludovico Einaudi but for me this is a more comforting and reassuring piece that came at exactly the right time. Enjoy it, it is blissful.

Live Dates:

11th October – Phi Centre, Montreal
18th October – Les Trois Baudets, Paris
22nd February – Theatre Outrement, Montreal
1st March – Palais Montcalm, Quebec

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