Wookalily – Escort Me 
Wookalily - Escort Me

Release Date: Out Now

Four Irish women and one Welsh woman walk in to a bar and tell the bartender that they are Wookalily. This is more factual reportage than a joke, sorry if I misled you somehow. Anyway, Belfast based Wookalily are the five-piece of which I speak and their new single, ‘Escort Me’, is a slow burner of a tune that emerges from a smoky basement Jazz bar carrying a bag full of country harmonies and a macabre glint in the eye. The vocals blend seamlessly in to one another while the rhythm section maintains a satisfying swing for the rest of musicians to embellish with aplomb and no small amount of flair. This is one of the most complete and fully formed songs I’ve heard as an introduction to a band in some time, so I’d recommend checking Wookalily out as soon as you possibly can. You won’t regret it.

Live dates:

4th August – The Spice of Life, London
5th August – The Merton Apprentice, London