Van Bobbi – Kickdrum Heartbeat 
Von Bobbi - Kickdrum Heartbeat

Release Date: Out Now

If you’re heading to the West Coast this summer to do some cruising and start some parties, then I can’t recommend packing this tune enough. San Francisco’s Van Bobbi has, in ‘Kickdrum Heartbeat’, created a tune that is delicately structured, colourful and sugary sweet. Essentially, this is musical candyfloss (or cotton candy if you’re reading this state side) and from the first taste you can’t help the sugar rushing to your head, leaving you with a giddy hangover as the melodies swirl around you and the rhythm section bounces along with relentless energy. Put this on at a pool party and watch the beautiful people start to loosen up as the Aperol flows and the sun goes down.

Live Dates:

8th September – Single Launch @ The Satellite, LA