Uncle Luc – Forever a Fan/Bones of the Days
Uncle Luc - Forever A Fan/Bones of the Days
(Super Fan 99 Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Sometimes, just sometimes, the PR gets it right in terms of hooking you in. “Casios and Banjos – Gorillaz and Wilco” goes the strapline and, yeah, I’m hooked in. The release that sits behind this release is from Uncle Luc and is a delirious double header. First up, we have ‘Forever a Fan’ which ambles in unassumingly before taking off its woolly hat and scarf to tell you a story about how things are. Gentle acoustic notes, honest vocals and a sense of nostalgia that will be instantly recognisable to everyone over the age of 30 who still gets excited by new music and hasn’t migrated to Heart FM. This song is as smart as it is funny which it makes it just like the kind of friend we all want in our lives.

The second half of this game is ‘Bones of the Days’ which is a sunshine and slide guitar drenched slice of lo-fi Americana with hints of I Am Kloot and Badly Drawn Boy if they’d gone on a Winnebago road trip together with nothing but their childhood memories and the instruments they stole from a Junior School skip. Uncle Luc is unlikely to start packing out stadia any time soon but if you’re looking for English indie nostalgia with an American tinge and a sense of unaffected cool then you’ve found your niche. You weirdo.

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