Tor Miller – Surviving the Suburbs 
Tor Miller - Surviving the Suburbs

Release Date: Out Now

Tor Miller is a native New Yorker and his new single ‘Surviving the Suburbs’ captures the American spirit of teenage angst and trapped hopes superbly. Sultry, rolling piano notes unfurl atop a late night beat and Miller’s soft, dusky vocals start to tell a tale of mediocrity and boredom in the suburban sprawl of America. “We like to drive around, cause it beats being at home and find different ways in to town but there’s only so many ways to go” is a lyric that is so mundane that you are immediately transported to a time in your life when you’ve felt stuck on an endless escalator or a road without any exit ramps. Musically, this is slick and stylish in the vein of Rooney and the Killers but with a more youthful spirit and the edge of a Ben Folds . “I’m young, broke and stoned. I am bored and alone”, now that’s a lyric ready to be printed on a T-Shirt.

Live Dates:

22nd September – Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park
6th November – Pearl Street Warehouse, Washington
7th November – MilkBoy, Philadelphia
8th November – Mercury Lounge, New York
9th November – Café 939, Boston
10th November – La Sala Rossa, Montreal
13th November – The Drake Hotel, Toronto
15th November – Pike Room, Pontiac
16th November – Schubas, Chicago
17th November – Icehouse, Minneapolis
11th December – Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles
12th December – Café Du Nord, San Francisco
14th December – Bunk Bar, Portland
15th December – The Sunset, Seattle
16th December – Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver

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