Tina Boonstra – I Think I See You Now (7 Core
Tina Boonstra - I Think I See You Now

Release Date: Out Now

I’m always lifted when I get a new piece of music from Tina Boonstra, especially when my soul is weary and heart is heavy. New single, ‘I Think I See You Now’, opens with Boonstra’s breathy, haunting vocal and some deftly plucked electric guitar strings which gives this tune a Jeff Buckley vibe from the get-go. The atmospheric heartbreak on this works particularly well if you turn the volume up and play this through some headphones so you get the full intimate experience with every chime of resonance in the guitar and creak of the vocal chords. I feel like Tina Boonstra would be huge if she was coming of the American Mid-West but if we could just get this in to the ears of the right people then this could be a huge tune. Lauren Laverne, for example, would love this.

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