OhHeyMy – Numb (Relentless/Sony) 
OhHeyMy - Numb

Release Date: Out Now

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything from Sweden to listen to but 2017 was awash with the Swedes so it’s not my first time round the Swedish Pop merry-go-round. OhHeyMy is one of the more interestingly named artists and new single ‘Numb’ is an arresting number without a doubt so let’s get on with this party. The opening of this song is understated but by the time chorus comes around the dusky but assured pop sensibilities take over and you can’t avoid the groove catching on to you. If you want to draw a line to anyone it would be a more up-tempo and perky version of compatriot Angie but without all the swearing and lingerie.

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