Mulch Aikens – Pull Up 2 the One U Love 
Mulch Aikens - Pull Up 2 the One U Love

Release Date: Out Now

Rising Philly star Mulch Aikens is a bit of a man of mystery but that’s not by accident, he’s staying away from the limelight and letting the music do the talking. Judging by the quality of new single ‘Pull Up 2 the One U Love’, there’s a lot to be said for letting the music speak. Chilled out Hendrix guitar noodling meets scattered beats and Aikens chilled vocal style sewn together by some keys that exist primarily within the wee small hours. By the time the track kicks in to gear at around the minute mark, we’re in full slow dance territory but Aikens is bringing a whole range of influences to play from hip-hop, soul and R’n’B to Reggae and Latin rhythms. This is an understated introduction to a new artist but one that has peaked my interest for sure.

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