Mel Sanson – Ghost 
Mel Sanson - Ghost

Release Date: Out Now

Brighton based soloist Mel Sanson has her fingers in a number of musical pies, it would seem, but this is her first solo release. ‘Ghost’ is a particularly intimate and fragile affair and reminds me of a whole host of 90s moments for some reason, perhaps it’s the mix of the late-night-confessional-with-a-guitar that I spent a lot of my youth around and the MTV Unplugged vibe. Sanson’s guitar playing is delicate to the point where you feel like she’s almost trying not to hurt the guitar or wake someone up. Similarly, the vocal is raw, unfettered and without pretension which only adds to the intimacy of a song that clearly has a personal attachment to it. Simple, pure and beautifully honest – I’ll take that for a debut.

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