Jake Morley – Heart Song (Sandwich
Jake Morley - Heart Song
Emporium Records Ltd.)

Release Date: Out Now

There are certain artists our there that you can rely on to not only knock out a great tune but also give you something new to think about from a lyrical perspective. Jake Morley is one such artist and much anticipated new single ‘Heart Song’ is a great addition to the existing catalogue but also a good entry point for anyone new to the London based soloist. Gentle acoustic guitar plucks are sewn together by Morley’s soft and almost conversational vocal style that speaks straight from ‘the feels’, as the kids say. Lyrics like “You have a beautiful heart but other organs deserve our love too” and “how come we never hear such songs about the lungs or liver, I’ve a fine pair of the one and an impressive example of the other” show Morley’s wonderfully unique view of the world. If nothing else, this song reminds us to love the whole of ourselves and of each other, not just the romantic or surface elements so often shoved down our throats in the age of Love Island and Made In Chelsea.

Live Dates:

11th August – Here Comes the Sun Festival
17th-19th August – FolkEast Festival
24th-26th August – Greenbelt Festival
27th August – Rock on Kendal Festival
15th September - PipeFest
24th October – Old Cinema Laundrette, Durham
25th October – Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore
26th October – Boarding House, Howwood
27th October – Berits & Brown, Glasgow
28th October – Hemelvaart Bier Café, Ayton
29th October – Heart of Hawick, Hawick
1st November – Blue Line Studio, Bournemouth
2nd November – Café Kino, Bristol
3rd November – Snails Deli, Cardiff
4th November – Henry Tudor House, Shrewsbury
9th November – Eagle Inn, Salford
10th November – Music Room, Liverpool w/Hafdis Huld
16th November – Barrel House, Totnes
17th November – Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading
21st November – The Islington, London
28th November – Running Horse, Nottingham
29th November – Café #9, Sheffield
30th November – Smokehouse, Ipswich