Iamhill – Phuk Wit You 
Iamhill - Phuk Wit You

Release Date: Out Now

There are so many questions raised by Iamhill, such is the air of mystery which surrounds this release. However, sometimes it’s better not to ask questions and just let the mystery surround you which would be good if this were some psychedelic folk piece but it ain’t. No, ‘Phuk Wit You’ is a direct put down and subsequent mic drop with dead eyes soundtracked by some lo-fi electro keys and dirty beats. “I can’t read your mind so I just assume cos if you fuck with them then I don’t wanna Phuk Wit You” sings Iamhill as a bunch of cows look on, bemused. I’m struggling to draw parallels with other artists but the raw, angular and direct style is both arresting and infectious so come get yourself some.

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