Gabrielle – Shine 
Gabrielle - Shine

Release Date: Out Now

So, here’s a thing, Gabrielle is back. She’s got a new album and she’s doing a low-key tour to coincide with the release next week. Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? Now, I know what you’re thinking – Gabrielle? Isn’t she the one who sang ‘Dreams’ and had an eye patch? – and yes, you’re right but, come closer, she’s actually a fantastic singer. Latest single ‘Shine’ doesn’t deviate from the Gabrielle plan too much but you’ve got some nice, urgent acoustic guitar and a soft pop rhythm but the uplifting chorus and Gabrielle’s distinctive vocal makes this primed for use on a soundtrack of a reasonably successful Rom-Com. A lesser artist might have sold this off for a younger artist to perform and tour but this is a song with obvious personal resonance and when you’ve got a voice like Gabrielle’s it would be a crime not to use it.

Live Dates:

13th August – Gorilla, Manchester
14th August – King Tuts, Glasgow
16th August – Trinity, Bristol
17th August – Jazz Café, London