Cherryade – Fractured Fairytales 
Cherryade - Fractured Fairytales

Release Date: Out Now

These are the moments that make blogging about music retain enough spark and intrigue to keep me coming back for more. When brat-pop duo Cherryade first knocked on my virtual door over 18 months ago they were just cheeky urchins with a bag full of pop tunes and a hat full of attitude (a ruddy big hat too. Like, one of Don Letts’ hats). Now, they are releasing their debut mini-album (9 tracks, too long for an EP), they’re signed up to an excellent PR agency and have quality management. This is how hard work and talent should be rewarded.

There’s a 51 second ‘Intro’ track which is like an overture alerting everyone that something big is about to happen with a stream of uplifting electro noises and then title track ‘Fractured Fairytales’ kicks in with a pseudo-military beat and those attitude fuelled vocals bringing the spirit of Shampoo back to life in the 21st Century. Former single ‘Get By’ is an anthem for the ‘do what it takes to succeed’ generation pumped along by dirty club beats and the kind of melodies that should have folks bumping and grinding without a care in the world.

On ‘Got You Good’, the duo show off their pop chops with a track that could easily be heard pumping from the car stereos of Hollywood Boulevard cruisers such is it’s stylishness and excellent production quality. ‘Blah Blah’, though, brings things back to the UK with a vocal that is all about calling out the fakers and having a good time, “you talk shit like blah blah blah”. The frenetic energy of ‘My Town’ perfectly encapsulates the vibe of heading out on a night out in, say, Basildon or Swindon with your best clothes on, some lippy and one thing on your mind – alcoholic annihilation.
By the time we reach ‘The Crown’ (not a song about the Netflix series, one presumes), this party is in full swing and the vocals of Ella flex their muscles from sweet melodies to bratty raps full of sneer and attitude, even when she’s singing about “sucking on his bellend”. This is my standout track on this album and I could listen to the Jamie T-esque small town drama with dance beats all day long. ‘Houdini’ has a circular and semi-mechanical rhythm which gives this a  futuristic feel and you start to get the feeling that the likes of Charlie XCX and Izzy Azalea might be interested in working with these guys. This collection closes on another recent single, ‘Empress’, and this is the proper balls to wall, tits up to the chin anthem that we’ve been building up to. The percussive opening is soon blasted out by a siren before Ella starts to channel the likes of Nicki Minaj in terms of owning the song and her persona. This is a triumphant British pop album and it deserves to be a success, if you think you can handle it.