Ali Ingle – Isi Myu 
Ali Ingle - Isi Myu

Release Date: Out Now

I’m always intrigued when I get new music from Ali Ingle for two excellent reasons; firstly, the releases are sporadic at best and secondly because Ingle has a knack for constantly taking new turns, fresh approaches to things. The latest intriguing release is new single ‘Isi Myu’ and it opens with some middle-of-the-night lullaby keyboards before a lurching beat joins in with tired feet. Ingle’s rich, distinctive voice joins in – somewhere between Flowers and Brodie – and immediately gives this song personality and direction. This is lo-fi stuff in terms of the instrumentation, but Ingle has a way of swelling those simple notes to give a tune weight, range and distant horizons. Long story short, I was once again right to be intrigued. Go me.