The King Heat Ensemble – Songs EP 
The King Heat Ensemble - Songs EP

Release Date: Out Now

As debuts go, this five track EP from UK outfit the King Heat Ensemble is pretty damn strong. I mean, opening track ‘White the Snow Falls’ starts like a medieval lament but then underpins it with a loose beat and a groove that builds like Elbow knocking out their most uplifting material atop some well placed minor chords. ‘Give or Take’ has a more a country-folk edge to it but also with the feel of a lost Marc Bolan jam that he recorded with Paul McCartney before driving home. By the half-way mark of ‘Landslide’, The King Heat Ensemble’s gruff shuffle and world-weary take on the world has wormed its way under my skin, in to my emotions and, inexplicably, it’s sitting in my favourite comfy chair by the window.

The gentle pluck’n’strum of ‘Triumph’ is like the first long sip on a warming glass of red wine and props to whoever was on production duties to get such a rich, luscious sound out of those guitar strings. This is just beautiful music and wonderful song writing in the age-old tradition and that will never go out of style. Finally, ‘Ten Years’ gives us a woozy, lazy Sunday afternoon send off as those gorgeous guitar notes go all Treetop Flyers on our asses and all you want to do is lean back on the rocking chair and get that pipe smoking gently. This is music for the later part of the summer so get this one downloaded and save it for when the sun is low in the sky and there’s a chill creeping around the trees.

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