Sam York – Maybe When We’re Old 
Sam Young - Maybe When We're Old

Release Date: 20th July 2018

So, this is my second encounter with the unassuming talent that is Sam York and I’m increasingly impressed. I mean, put this track and video (and York’s) good looks in the hands of a processed pop star then you’ve got a huge hit on your hands. ‘Maybe When We’re Old’ is a gorgeous, piano driven ballad with delicate, near-whispered vocals that speak of the fragility of emotion underpinning a track based around missed chances and flickering hope. This is the soundtrack to the moment when love goes unrequited and the climactic middle-eight is straight out of the Keane, early Coldplay and James Blunt playbook (not an insult) which makes this prime Radio 2 fodder and the kind of tune a lot of film makers should sign up for extra pathos in a particularly emotional scene.

Watch the Video: