Safariari – Karlek (Café Superstar Recordings)
Safariari - Karlek 

Release Date: Out Now

I’ll admit it, it was the name Safariari that caught my attention with this one – just say it out loud, and it’s super satisfying. Still, I had to give the music a listen and luckily the new single ‘Karlek’ is a delight. Safariari are a Norwegian outfit and with this new single they’ve blended the electro chill of French pioneers Air with a funkier, more Disco vibe that flirts with Boney M without ever committing to anything more than a date. There is a delightfully retro feel to this that some would call timeless but given the pants and happy trail combination on the artwork for this track I’m going for retro in every sense. Definitely the kind of tune to put on when the temperature starts to drop at a summer party and you want people to get a little closer. Purely for warmth, you understand.

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