L.A.D – My Toy (After Dark Records) 
L.A.D - My Toy

Release Date: Out Now

How much more 80s could this new single from Brit trio L.A.D be? None more 80s. ‘My Toy’ starts with artwork that’s drenched in 80s references and then the music kicks in an it’s like an Eye-Spy book of 80s sounds. Processed electric drums, woozy synth sounds, scratchy funky guitar notes and the kind of bass that could only be played at nipple height with a thumb. Vocalist Natalie Gray gives the game away slightly by having a fresh and soulful voice which wasn’t always the case back in the day. Oh, and if all that isn’t enough then this track has a nice fade out at the end as well. Not enough bands use the fade out any more, it’s a crying shame.