Kalpee – Colourful 
Kalpee - Colourful

Release Date: 17th August 2018

Trinidadian talent Kalpee has raked up an impressive number of streams at a tender age which seems to be the way to propel yourself in to the limelight these days, but you can only stay there if you’ve got the talent to back up that initial popularity. Kalpee’s new single, ‘Colourful’, goes some way to justifying those 12 million+ streams with an undoubtedly uptempo and catchy mainstream pop melody. Combined with the music is the soulful vocal that gives this a summery feel and the lyric “girl, you’re so colourful like the ocean” is made for days and nights spent by the coast. There are glimmers and hints of talent here, much like there were in the early days of Rihanna, but while he’s still emerging lets just enjoy the party, yeah?

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