Joseph Tyler – Racecar 
Joseph Tyler - Racecar

Release Date: Out Now

“I’m reaching that life stage where I’m fearing my own age, And so I’m living how I’m living trying to prolong my younger days”, so starts ‘Racecar’ by Joseph Taylor. Now, these would be prophetic words were it not for the fact that Tyler looks about 21 and, frankly, has fewer worries than I’ve had hot dinners. No matter, the palindromic new single is actually a wonderfully woozy and unhinged piece that doesn’t so much hit its stride but more lurches on to the dance floor to strut its stuff like a giraffe with legs of different lengths. The electro melodies ripple and bubble pleasingly and then the song shifts in to a slightly odd and needless ballad for the last minute but overall this is full of the energy and joyful uncertainty of youth so just chill Joseph, OK? You’ve got ages left.