Croatia – Half Dreams 
Croatia - Half Dreams

Release Date: Out Now

So, just to make sure we’re all on the same page, this review is about a band called Croatia who hail from Victoria in Canada and the artwork features a car with at least one flat tyre. All caught up? Good, then I’ll begin. ‘Half Dreams’ is the band’s new single and it’s a synth fuelled slice of indie-pop that doesn’t let up with the energy or the sense of fun but with a classy, uber-cool edge. Think Years and Years and Bastille having a but of a jam with Coldplay in the control room, capturing all the best bits to be mashed together in to one mega hit. Light, airy and perfect for a montage scene featuring a load of young people living their best lives – just in case you’ve got a move knocking around that needs a bit of extra oomph.

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