BOO – Bella 
BOO - Bella

Release Date: Out Now

BOO are a Brighton duo who have handily abbreviated Battery Operated Orchestra for us but are actually made up of Chris Black and Brigitte Rose. This new track, ‘Bella’, comes ahead of their new album out this summer and it is a floaty, airy piece of electro-pop that is entirely worth your time. The Moog melodies and beats create a gorgeously squelchy bed for Rose’s vocal to lounge aloofly upon like a neon lilo in a keytar shaped swimming pool. If you’re looking for pigeon holes then think Tennis but more electro, Yazzo but less bothered about impressing you or a Dubstar comeback track ready for the 6Music generation. BOO have captured that lazy summer vibe, channelled it through a bunch of processors and created something you can chill to, without the need to Netflix first.

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