Balako – Don’t Give Up (Greco-Roman) 
Balako - Don't Give Up

Release Date: Out Now

I went to Brazil once, spent some time in Rio and didn’t bump in to either of the members of Balako which is a shame because they seem like awesome guys and I’ll probably never be able to afford to go back. At least we are blessed that they keep churning out these nostalgia drenched, summer infused disco tracks like the gorgeous new single ‘Don’t Give Up’. From the 70s funk build through the rhythm section to the lo-fi vocal mix and the Super-8 style video this track is just beautiful from every aspect. Hung around a slick and insistent bass line, Balako have bottled sunshine on this track but then they’ve liberally applied that sunshine to a hairy torso adorned by a gold medallion. Sexy, funky, sunny and just perfect for your summer playlists. Perfecto.

Watch the Video: