Albecq – Lace 
Albecq - Lace (pic: Riccardo Servini)

Release Date: Out Now

I’m going to be bold on this one and say that I don’t suspect this new track from London based collective Albecy is going to make the long-list for many blogs or magazines ‘single of the year’ award this year but it’s going on mine. ‘Lace’, you see, is one of those tunes that drags you way, way down but if you allow yourself to wallow for a few minutes then it is glorious. The opening chord is straight out of a suspenseful Bond scene and then the swathes of synthetic notes wash over you like waves over the body of man so recently overboard. As keyboard notes subtly pulse in from the shadows you can’t help but be drawn in to a dark world by what feels like a modern opus that undulates, provides plenty of troughs and threatens peaks without ever fully satisfying your urge to get that triumphant feeling. Flutters, pulses, throbs and echoes all feature in a landscape that is both bleak and verdant with energy and potential. Call it ambient, call it soundscaping, call it downbeat but just don’t call it a waste of your time – this is anything but waste.